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Money-Saving Tips for Those Who Love Tech


According to Statista, a person might eventually own at least six devices by 2020. That’s a lot, but it also highlights how people these days value connectivity and tech. The problem is that many of these are pricey. How do you make ownership more affordable? Here are six ways:

Repair Your Device

Just because the screen broke doesn’t mean it’s already completely useless. You can, for example, take advantage of a Samsung phone repair service. How much you pay depends on the model and the degree of damage. What if the device is far from saving? It’s still fine as some companies can buy the unit from you. In the end, it’s a win-win.

Consider a Trade-in

In case you want something new but don’t want to break the bank, an excellent route to take is a trade-in. You can do this in two ways. One, you exchange your device for cash. The other is to swap like items (e.g., an Android phone for another).

The problem here is getting something less than the value of what you own. Before you seal the deal, make sure the device is in excellent condition. When necessary, have a specialist assess or appraise it.

Buy Refurbished

Some people think that refurbished or used tech items are prone to damage. They can show some signs of wear and tear, but more often than not, these are cosmetic. As long as you buy them from reputable stores, you have less to worry about. These centers will ensure they are offering something in mint condition. Nobody wants a bad review.

Consider an Older-Generation Model

Person using social media on his iphoneDo you really need the new iPad or iPhone? Specs can differ among these models, but it all boils down to what matters to you. If you just want a functional and well-designed tablet, perhaps you can go two generations older than what you desire. They can be significantly cheaper, and yet you don’t have to miss the bells and whistles.

Know Where to Invest

Some prefer to buy Apple products, believing they retain the highest resale value. It turns out they don’t all the time.

Android phones can also hold as much of their original value as Apple gadgets. For example, Google Pixel 2 can still be worth at least $430, which is only $219 cheaper than a new model. The message is this: if you want to spend big, better make sure that it’s for a device that gives you the best returns in the future.

Be Careful with the Extended Warranty

It’s common among salespeople to offer buyers with an extended warranty. Nothing stops you from doing that. In fact, sometimes it does make sense. But the decisions should be analytical.

One of the factors to consider is usage. How often do you use the device? Who is using it? Even if you leave your Samsung tablet at home but your child loves to use it with no care, perhaps an extended warranty can be helpful.

If you’re one of those who go for the new releases, an optional and often expensive coverage might not make sense. In the end, only those that add value to your life will be worth the spending. The others—they’re just noise.


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