Computer Repair Specialists; They Are Human, too.


Mobile and tablet computers, printers, PDAs, barcode scanners and smartphones have one common problem. They hardly show any signs of breaking down to prepare you for the repair costs. So, first off, especially if these are office gadgets, set aside some good enough money in your budget to cover for emergency malfunctioning of these electronics. You also can assign one of your in-house technicians the responsibility of checking the condition of the devices from time to time. Doing so will help you notice any changes in their performance that you can, at least, use to explain to your repair service provider how the device crashed.

Working with Repair Service Providers

Courtesy Calls

It is best that, as soon as the technician from whom you have outsourced the Trimble repair parts and services arrives, you receive them courteously and warmly. That may seem quite basic, but, you want them to feel comfortable to interact with anyone in your office. It is this openness that will also help other device users give detailed answers to every question the technician may be having concerning the electronic gadget that you called them in to repair.

Also, inform them of any rules that they may need to follow while around your company. If there is no further information that they require from you, let them know where to find you.

Remote Access to Troubleshoot Problems

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Most businesses use the same devices for activities such as printing and live-streaming meetings. Some have also implemented cloud services that you can access the company’s computers remotely. And, sometimes, not everyone could have been online when a particular device breakdown occurs. So, you can send an in-house notice to notify everyone of the particular devices that the technician might need to access to troubleshoot a device malfunction. Since this will require remote access, you can change the access codes to these devices to a password that you will be comfortable the technician using. Doing so will also keep anyone else from using the devices when the repairs are ongoing. You always can change this password to the original passcode once you have repaired the computer that had broken down.

Access to Your Office

Should you suppose you could be away by the time the technician arrives, give your receptionist all the details that the technician could need. Some of these can include the particular device that needs repairing, its model, the date of purchase and when last you repaired it. Also, include the various replacements parts that you have used on the device. Sometimes, the problem could be with the Trimble replacements parts that you bought and not the device itself. So, with that information, the technician will first determine whether these parts match the specifications of the original parts of the device they are repairing.

And, if your company is large with many branches, be clear on which from which office you are calling.

Not every mobile computer repair specialist is comfortable repairing in-office gadgets. But, sometimes, you have no choice. So, the best way out is you supply the technician will all the information about the devices that they will be repairing. And, make them feel comfortable around other office users.


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