Top 7 Dental Industry Trends in 2022


As technology is advancing, the dental industry is also making great use of it. In 2021, the dental sector was worth $15 billion, and by 2027, it is expected to grow twofold. With various new trends and developments appearing in the last few years, the dental care business is expanding quickly.

From professional dental polishers to the use of AI in dentistry, we will discuss the top 7 trends in the dental industry here in this article.

1. Convenience

Although not a technological advance, it is important to recognize the growing importance of convenience. Today’s patients have a variety of options when selecting healthcare providers, so it makes sense that they would select the one that is the simplest and most comfortable for them.

2. Teledentistry Will Continue to Grow

An approach that lessens the issue of distance between dentists and patients in distant places is teledentistry. A few years ago, a lot of dentists started using telecommunication tools like tablets and smartphones to connect with their patients.

3. 3D printing

From 2021 to 2027, the global 3D market is projected to grow by 23%. Due to accessibility and cheaper costs, 3D printing will be able to play a significantly larger part in dental offices as it moves closer to becoming more widely accepted. The use of resin-based 3D printing techniques greatly accelerates the creation of customised dentures, crowns, invisible teeth aligners, and other things.

4. Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is one of the largest trends in dentistry, along with 3D printing. Less invasive dental surgery made possible by laser dentistry eliminates the need for sutures. It also enables reduced bleeding, little to no discomfort, faster healing, and a lower risk of infection.

5. Consolidated Practices

Only 52% of dentists today operate solo practices, a number that is steadily declining. The typical dentistry school graduate owes about $31,000 in student loan debt, which may be one factor in this.

Individual dentists may also find it challenging to finance the expenses associated with starting and running a dental practice.

6. Dentistry Will Adopt More Eco-Friendly Practices

For a healthier and more sustainable future, the dental care sector has already embraced more environmentally friendly practices. Currently, a lot of dental offices have lessened their carbon footprint by using fewer chemicals and enhancing the air quality within the offices. More technologies are anticipated to be used in 2022 to improve trash reduction and other eco-friendly practices.

7. Use of AI

Both the dental equipment industry and the medical sector, in general, have already begun to reap the rewards of artificial intelligence. Robots can also complete minimally invasive dental operations. The cleaning and extraction of teeth are a couple of these.


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