HowDo Piston Fillers Operate?


When handling viscous fluids, it’s important to handle them with care. One way often taken when handling such products is to use a piston filler, such as the one seen in this video. But how do they operate?

How to Control the Speed

Piston fillers have multiple valves used to control the pneumatic cylinders and how quickly they react. Each valve controls a different function; for example, one valve affects the forward movement of the piston, and another valve speeds it up in the reverse.

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Why Does the Speed of the Piston Matter?

One thing to ensure when operating a piston filler is that you do not let the piston be too slow. The appropriate speed varies depending on the kind of liquid you’re working with, especially if the liquid is thinner.

How to Adjust the Amount of Product Produced

A sensor on the piston filler can sense the piston; when it does, it reverses the direction of the air flow, reversing the direction of the piston. You can adjust this sensor with a handle, moving it further up or down the piston. A pedal is pressed to dispense as much as you tell it to dispense.

Is a Piston Filler Worth It?

Piston fillers are worth the purchase if you have both the need and the money to afford one. They can be a great asset in the right hands, so consider whether it could be for you.



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