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Here’s How Technology Helped Change How We Learn, Work and Receive Healthcare


Everywhere you look, you will find people taking advantage of technology. We can now use more eco-friendly vehicles to reach our destination in no time. We can communicate with our loved ones who are thousands of miles away with calls, texts, chats, and even group video calls. One can even buy the things they want and need with just a few taps on their gadgets. This goes to show that we are becoming more dependent on technology every single day.

Many argue that tech-dependency has its drawbacks. But we cannot deny the fact that when it comes to technology, the pros outweigh the cons. The following just sums up the best impact technology has on our daily lives.

The Effects of Technology on People’s Health

With the pandemic, more people are afraid to get themselves checked for fear of acquiring the virus in clinics and hospitals. Thanks to today’s technology, one can now see their physicians via telemedicine. This means you can consult with your doctor through virtual appointments or a patient portal to communicate your concerns with your doctor.

Telemedicine is a good choice for you

  • Want to know about your lab results remotely
  • Require medical care while you’re away from home
  • Need a prescription refill without going to your doctor’s office
  • Can’t visit your doctor’s clinic due to mobility, time, or transportation issues

Technology also makes it possible to improve community health. Mobile Integrated Healthcare and Community Paramedicine, for instance, fills in the gaps that are usually found in local healthcare structures. It helps relieve stress on your community’s 911 system through an effective and compliant data collection and management system.

With the data collected and its secure data-sharing features, both private and public providers can easily collaborate to provide the required services to the right patients. Now, residents can receive care from specially-trained paramedics in the comforts of their home. Community paramedics can aid under-served populations, improve their overall health, and combat system abusers who waste resources with their non-emergency 911 calls.

Tech and Its Effect on Education

Students use technology not only for socializing and connecting. They also use this to access the information they need, no matter the time and date. This is the very reason why universities, professors, and other professionals involved in children’s learning are sharing valuable information on the net.

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Different social networking sites aid in student’s learning. Some educators use such sites to communicate with students who have a problem reaching out in real life. Now students can connect more with their teachers and open up about their struggles and concerns that affect their performance in school.

Gone are the days when we only rely on active listening and note-taking to study school lessons. We now use different media to make students better understand their lessons. Educators now acknowledge the fact that kids have different learning styles and are utilizing technology to improve the quality of education offered to students.

Even with the pandemic, educators found a way to still provide our learners with quality education. We make use of the internet and other tools to make online learning a possibility. Even if kids are now stuck at home, they can still learn from home where they are less likely to be exposed to the virus.

Technology also helps boost student engagement. Now, learning is made more fun and interactive. Now, teachers get to keep their students’ attention and ensure they provide the students with a better learning experience.

The Impact of Technology on How We Work

cloud computing

Businesses make use of different tech innovations to help them achieve different tasks in a fast and efficient way. Tools and equipment allow employees to reduce errors, improve the interaction between employees and leaders, and even manage a team that works remotely. shares that even the home care industry can recruitment and accomplish onboarding processes online.

Technology made it possible for business owners to run their business from home. Although many entrepreneurs were not prepared to shift their team to remote work, many could make it work thanks to the availability of cloud-based technologies. This made it possible for some brands to thrive and operate amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Data leaks and data thefts are more prevalent as more businesses rely on technology. During the pandemic alone, the number of cyberattacks rose to 4,000 each day. The good news is, there are things you can do to prevent cybercriminals from taking advantage of your business data.

This list shows how useful and important technology is in our daily lives. It helps improve our healthcare system and provides more opportunities for businesses and employees alike. Technology even helped mold today’s education system and continues to do so. It only goes to show that when technology is used the right way, it has the potential to improve everyone’s quality of life.


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