Unblocking Gaming Content: How VPNs Provide Access to Geo-Restricted Games


Regular gamers often encounter the frustration of geo-restricted access to newly released games. This feeling is familiar to all console, PC, and mobile gamers. However, dedicated gamers refuse to miss out on highly anticipated games due to geo-restrictions. There are numerous ways to bypass these restrictions and fully enjoy the game’s features without breaking the bank.

The most popular and easily accessible option is using a VPN to mask your actual location and deceive the game distributor. A typical VPN software costs between $5 and $14 per month. Stop giving up games, give preference to unblocking gaming content.

Why do some games have geo-restrictions?

Gaming companies frequently limit game availability to specific regions, citing economic, security, and political rationales.

  • From an economic standpoint, individuals might choose to purchase games from other geographic areas if they are cheaper there, even if the games are already available in their region. For example, someone in the U.S. might discover that buying a game from China or Russia is more cost-effective due to factors like purchasing power, currency strength, or tax differences.
  • To safeguard local gaming businesses, gaming companies impose region-specific accessibility restrictions. This means that games purchased in a particular area can only be played within that region.
  • For political and social reasons, certain types of content may be prohibited in countries like China. As a result, games such as the Grand Theft Auto series and Football Manager 2005 are not permitted in China.

How does VPN solve region-specific errors?

A VPN, an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, conceals your IP address by redirecting your internet traffic through a remote server. The recipient sees the IP address of one of these remote servers. VPN services offer the option to select the server location for routing internet traffic. This allows access to region-restricted games from different countries using only one VPN.

In addition to enabling access to geo-restricted games, VPNs also provide protection against DDoS attacks. Those heavily involved in online gaming are likely familiar with or have been victims of these types of cyber attacks. With the ease of launching DDoS attacks today, unscrupulous online gamers utilize them to sabotage their competitors.

For instance, in the recent Deadman Autumn Invitational, an online gaming competition with a prize of $20,000, the winning team was disqualified when it was discovered that they had employed a DDoS bot to weaken their opponents. By masking your IP address, DDoS botnets are unable to identify your actual location and therefore cannot target you with attacks.

An important condition for success is a good VPN provider. Not all VPNs for gaming are really like that. Often they greatly slow down the speed of the Internet and increase the ping. If you’re looking for a powerful VPN service, try VeePN and you’ll have something to compare to. VeePN has 2500+ high-speed servers and provides smart traffic routing.

Instructions for unblocking games through VPN

To access geo-restricted games on Steam using a VPN, follow these steps. Please keep in mind that these steps can be applied to most digital game distributors, but for this example, we will focus on Steam, a popular platform among PC and mobile gamers.

  1. Before downloading the VPN software, log out of your Steam account and close the browser.
  2. Ensure you have purchased and downloaded a VPN of your choice. Verify that it is functioning properly. If there are any gameplay problems in the future, try installing geo Edge VPN and check again. This service is stable and offers good speed.
  3. Once the VPN is installed, open it and choose a location based on where the game you want to access is not restricted. To confirm the new IP address, search “my IP address” on Google.
  4. With everything set up, log in to the Steam website. Update your account details by changing the country to the desired location.
  5. After refreshing the page, log in again, and update the billing forms. To find a fake billing address for your chosen country, a simple Google search should suffice. Note that for this method to work, you will need a payment option from the selected country.


You can still enjoy games despite geo-restrictions. But for this you need to find the best VPNs and following proper implementation guidelines. A VPN not only grants access to restricted content but also safeguards against DDoS attacks during online gaming. Look for VPNs with remote servers worldwide and ensure they offer high speeds.


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