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Nature Walks in the Time of Technology


As well know, our lives are heavily influenced by technology. In almost every activity we do, some form of technological advancement is involved. These have brought plenty of changes to how we live our lives. Some changes have been monumental and greatly beneficial, while others have negative effects that persist today.

The Reach of Technology

Modern technology has long infiltrated our daily lives. Its reach has only been widened in the age of information—a time when almost everything we do relies on the internet. The jobs that we do rely on the internet. Plenty of our entertainment depends on gadgets. Even our means of communication have been greatly affected by technological progress.

These have changed the way we live our lives. Of course, plenty of these changes were expected. A lot of these technological innovations and initiatives sought to bring a good change in our lives.

Our lives are more convenient with them. Communication has never been easier. We could talk to people from other parts of the world with ease.

Plenty of home and work safety measures have been developed thanks to technology. We can even shop online for our basic needs without having to go out of our homes. These are only a few of the plenty of changes that technology has brought to our everyday lives.

But of course, plenty of these good changes are accompanied by changes that affect us negatively. Technology is as harmful as it is beneficial. And some of these changes are hard to avoid.

The Other Side of the Coin

While these innovations have blessed us with positive changes, they have also resulted in several negative outcomes. Of course, some of these outcomes were unforeseen. And many have succumbed to them.

One of the more prominent negative effects of technological advancement is related to social media. Social media usage has been linked to several harmful effects, particularly on our mental health. Notable effects include heightened stress, lowered moods, and even increased anxiety. The quality of online interactions is also linked to the development of depressive symptoms.

Apart from that, technological advancements also have a hand in the worsening of our physical health. These developments have essentially prompted us to live more sedentary lives. This has led to the deterioration of the physical health of many people.

It is clear that technology has introduced new problems and has exacerbated existing ones. These outcomes can negatively impact our lives. With that, it is only fit that we find solutions for them.

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The Nature Walk

A nature walk can be the solution to counter the harmful effects of these technological advancements. Nature walks are essentially walking in places, preferable a trail, where natural elements can be heavily observed. This is a perfect way to integrate oneself with nature while getting much-needed physical activity.

It is important to note that nature walks can sometimes be risky. Being out in the wild can have its downsides. We may encounter dangerous wild animals. With that, we must ensure to only go on nature walks where your safety is guaranteed. We can also pick up ticks along the way. Of course, there are many ways to regulate ticks, so make sure you ask assistance from qualified personnel for this.

While there are risks involved in nature walks, the benefits surely outweigh them. Going on nature walks essentially exposes us to the beauty of the natural elements. Being exposed to nature has been linked to several positive outcomes.

Exposure to nature has been linked with improved moods and can also significantly help with decreasing our stress levels. Apart from the mental benefits, it can also help with several physical conditions, including high blood pressure and muscle tension. These effects help us live better lives and essentially make us healthier.

Being exposed to nature already brings many benefits. Nature walks are even more healthy since walking is essentially a form of physical activity. The act of walking helps us deal with joint pain and can boost our immune system. It even improves our cardiovascular functions and helps us control our weight.

Countering Technology’s Harmful Outcomes

With that, it is safe to say that nature walks can help us counter the negative outcomes of technological progression. It helps us prevent a sedentary lifestyle and provides an alternative source of stress relief. There has never been a better time to take nature walks regularly. Our world is changing, and it is changing fast. If we can adapt to the good changes that technology has brought, we can surely find ways to counter its harmful effects.


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