How Do Cell Towers Work?


This video focuses on the world of cell towers. The host takes you on a whirlwind tour of two cell towers: one hiding in plain sight in a church steeple in Massachusetts. There’s another one braving the harsh elements on Mount Washington in New Hampshire. As you’ll see, the church steeple tower is a master of disguise.

Its antennas are tucked away inside the special fiberglass steeple that lets the radio waves flow freely. All the data zipping through the tower travels over landlines to the internet. And there’s even a backup generator and batteries to keep things going if the power ever goes out. The Mount Washington tower is a different beast altogether.

It stands tall and proud, facing the brunt of the weather with its antennas in a little building at the peak. Since no fiber optic cable can reach such heights, the data here takes a microwave backhaul route. And get this – this tough tower hasn’t even upgraded to LTE yet. There is talk of cell tower colocation.

It’s all designed to blend in with the scenery, with antennas peeking out like shy birds. But it pumps out signals like nobody’s business. The data takes an internet detour to reach landlines. Built in the 60s for TV, it’s now packed with AT&T tech, braving the harsh weather like a mountain goat with wires. There’s no fancy internet detour here; they blast data through the air using microwaves.


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