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Top Female Twitch Streamers You Need to Know in 2023


Twitch is an excellent platform for gamers to connect with their fans, and female streamers are no exception. The rise of female streamers on Twitch has been phenomenal due to the support and encouragement of the Twitch community. With so many female streamers wanting to know how to become a streamer, it’s unsurprising that this list of top female streamers on Twitch keeps getting longer!

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This article aims to shed some light on the top female Twitch streamers of 2023 and why you should be keeping an eye out for them. It will also discuss the importance of supporting female streamers and why their presence matters.

Top Female Twitch Streamers

1. Ironmouse

Ironmouse is one of the top female Twitch streamers in 2023 and has a huge fanbase. She is an American VTuber (virtual YouTuber) and streamer based in Puerto Rico, streaming singing content with a high-pitched voice and crazy persona since 2017. She presents her virtual character as a demon queen who likes making friends, music, and lewd stuff.

She is part of the agency VShojo and has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitch. She currently holds a place in the top 10 most-watched female streamers on Twitch, with 20.39 million views. In 2022, she was nominated as Best VTuber in The Streamer Awards and Streamy Award but only won in 2023 in the same category.

Social media profiles:

Twitch: @ironmouse

Instagram: @ironmouseparty

Twitter: @ironmouse

2. Amouranth

Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa) is a popular Twitch streamer and cosplayer who has gained popularity for her live streams of IRL (in real life) content, roleplay games, and cosplays. She is known for her suggestive clothing, which usually features lingerie, and her risqué behavior on the platform.

She is among the top 10 most-watched female Twitch streamers, with more than 6.3 million followers on the platform and over 32 million views. Her popularity on other media has also grown exponentially due to her Twitch success. Getting banned from Twitch a few times over the years has only made her more popular, with her fanbase growing even more prominent.

Social media profiles:

Twitch: @amouranth

Instagram: @amouranthofficial

Twitter: @Amouranth

3. Kyedae

Kyedae Alicia Shymko is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber of Japanese-Canadian descent. She is known for her streaming of Valorant and other FPS games and her relationship with famous e-sports player, TenZ. Her streams, including cooking videos with her boyfriend, have grown in popularity, resulting in her becoming one of the top 10 most-watched female streamers on Twitch, with more than 2.3 million followers and over 11.46 million views.

Some of her achievements include being signed into the eSports organization “100 Thieves” in 2021 and becoming their first international creator outside of the US to join the organization. She was also sponsored by Crunchyroll and Microsoft in 2022.

Social media profiles:

Twitch: @kyedae

Instagram: @kyedae

Twitter: @kyedae

4. Pokimane

Another popular female Twitch streamer is Pokimane (Imane Anys). She is a Moroccan-Canadian YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and gamer. Her streams of various video games include Fortnite, Among Us, League of Legends, and Valorant. Since 2012, she has been streaming on Twitch and is among the highest-followed streamers, with more than 9.3 million followers and 12.28 million views.

Pokimane co-founded the collaborative YouTube channel OfflineTV with content creators BasedYoona, Scarra, and Chris Chan. She has been nominated for various streaming awards since 2018, from which she won the Twitch Streamer of the Year Award in 2018 and the Legacy Award in 2022.

Social media profiles:

Twitch: @pokimane

Instagram: @pokimanelol

Twitter: @pokimanelol

5. Rivers

Last but not least, one of the fastest-growing female Twitch streamers in 2023 is Rivers (Samy Rivera). She is a Mexican YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and former Facebook streamer who moved to Twitch in November 2021. She is known for her entertaining IRL and gaming streams. Although relatively new to the platform, she has amassed over 3.6 million followers and over 12.22 million views in just two years. Her Spanish streams are particularly popular as Twitch still grows in Latin America.

Social media profiles:

Twitch: @rivers_gg

Instagram: @samyrivera

Twitter: @samyriveratv

Why Female Streamers Are Important to the Twitch Community

woman streaming

In the streaming world, female Twitch streamers bring a new level of energy, creativity, and community to the platform. Female streamers must be given an equal opportunity and supported by the Twitch community to succeed.

Female streamers are often underrepresented on popular streaming platforms and need more visibility, especially in gaming communities. Women learning how to stream on Twitch should be encouraged and supported, as the platform benefits from diverse content streams.

Some challenges female streamers face include sexism, harassment, and a lack of resources. These challenges can be difficult to overcome and should not be taken lightly. However, with the support of the Twitch community, these issues can be addressed, and female streamers can thrive on the platform.

Statistics on Female Streamers on Twitch

With about 33% of streamers being female in 2023, there is a growing trend in the number of female streamers on Twitch. This is an increase from 15% in 2018, indicating that more and more women are getting involved in the streaming community.

The potential for female streamers to grow is also evident. Women broke records on Twitch by reaching more than 1 million regular viewers and streaming for more than 1.2 billion hours, a huge jump from the previous year’s records. This shows that female streamers are becoming more popular as they gain more visibility and support.

Future of Female Streamers on Twitch


More female streamers are expected to join the Twitch community and gain recognition in the coming years. This could mean that many more women can make a living through streaming, and the number of female-run professional esports teams could increase in the future.

Supporting female Twitch streamers is essential for the platform’s growth and success. As more women join the streaming community, viewers can expect more diverse content, new perspectives, and a more inclusive community.

From Ironmouse to Rivers, these five female Twitch streamers set an example for other aspiring female streamers. They’ve been able to gain success due to the support of their fans, and viewers can only hope that more female streamers continue to join the Twitch community. While they still face many challenges, their presence on the platform is essential and should always be supported.

The female Twitch streaming community has grown significantly over the past few years, and it will only continue to grow in the future. So watch for these top female Twitch streamers of 2023, and show your support for their amazing content!


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