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Doing It Right: Brand Names Standing Up Against COVID-19


Every person, no matter what the social status is, has been affected by the COVID-19. The degree to how we have all been required to adjust may vary, but all of us shared the same experiences as well. Today, more than ever is when we need each other.

Thankfully, various businesses started showing that they’re about the heart more than the money. No matter what size of company they are, different brand names have made their steps toward putting an end to this pandemic, or at least making it easier to handle. If you’ve never heard of them, it’s about time we put them in the limelight.

Brand Names Battling COVID-19

Whether a company is garnering billions of dollars or just a few thousands annually, they know they have to step up to save the world. Recently, we have seen how various industries grow not in net worth but in helping the world. Below is an incomplete list of brand names that have stood up against COVID-19.


Around March of 2020, tech giant Google made their conferencing service called Hangouts Meet available for free. A communication service that allows up to 250 participants made it possible for organisations to converse online and develop their operating strategies amidst the pandemic. Aside from this, Google also made it a point to establish a fund drive that allowed staff to take paid sick leaves if they show symptoms of COVID-19.


If you’ve never heard of Zebra Technologies, you should learn more about them. When the pandemic struck, Zebra started setting up the drive-thru and mobile testing centers in America, Europe, and different parts of the globe. They have also started developing scanners to be used amidst the pandemic. This is also why repair services for Zebra gadgets have grown exponentially recently. They believe that technology must be utilised at a greater capacity for us to stand a chance against COVID-19.


This company specialises in recording and sharing videos. During the pandemic, Loom Pro has been made available for free for all teachers and students in schools and universities under the K-12 program. Aside from this, Loom also started helping businesses stay afloat while battling COVID-19 by dropping Loom Pro’s price to 50%. The recording limit of this video service has also been waived.


Because of the pandemic, the service needs of people in fixing or purchasing Microsoft products have significantly reduced. Despite how grave this impact is on this tech giant and the deduction in employee work hours, Microsoft stated that they would maintain their service providers’ regular hourly pay to help them make ends meet.

Shine Distillery

The production of liquor often requires distilleries to make batches of alcohol, which are then processed to be drinkable. Shine Distillery based in Portland instead chose to use the first batches of alcohol to produce sanitisers. They then gave it away to make up for the shortage of public sanitising tools.


While some of us have resorted to working from home, others had no other choice but to accept unemployment because of workforce reduction. In a culture where no one is left behind, LinkedIn decided to make 16 of their learning courses free. This allowed people who stay at home to learn more about building relationships and being productive. LinkedIn also uses their platform to help businesses continue their operations through live videos and news sharing.

Christina Karin

Even the fashion industry is stepping up to help the world’s battle against the pandemic. Christina Karin, a Chicago-based fashion label, halted their store operations. Instead, they used their resources to produce face masks for local hospitals, especially those running out of supply.


The social networking giant never forgot to take care of its employees. Since schools have shut down, some of their employees had to take their children to daycare institutions when they go to work. Twitter offered its employees to cover daycare expenses caused by the pandemic. In addition to this, the social networking site also provided reimbursements for employees who had to resort to a work from home setup.

twitter logo


Companies in the food industry have started taking steps to help out. Dole, a brand famously known for fruit products, is sending care packages to 650 hospitals. These packages include personal messages of encouragement, hope, and gratitude. On top of this, Dole also provided healthcare practitioners of around 5,000 hospitals with brand vouchers.

The pandemic took the world by storm. However, it will take more than a virus to bring our world down. Companies worldwide have made their huge strides, and it’s time for us to take ours.


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