CNC Machining: Understanding the Working and Application


Computer-Numerical Control (CNC) machines are used in almost all industries. These are basically electromechanical apparatuses that use computer programming inputs to manage machine shop tools. In today’s era of computers, there isn’t any industry left that hasn’t been using CNC machines centers for their product manufacturing.

Types of CNC machines:

CNC machines are of two types:

1. The conventional type:

It has technologies such as drilling machines, lathes (reverse drilling), milling machines (they perform various functions such as drilling, drilling, gear cutting, and grooving).

2. The novel machine technology:

It contains electric or chemical machining and different cutting type machines as well.

For the purpose of prototype production and manufacturing the conventional type of CNC machines are used. The electrochemical type is usually used in metal and high-strength material cutting and molding.

Application of CNC machining:

1. Metal removing industries:

Conventional CNC machines are employed in enterprises that demand metal removal, drilling, milling, and cutting. Before such tasks were done by machine operators but with the advent of CNC machines, these tasks require no manpower and are done quite efficiently.

2. Metal manufacturing industries:

Many industries require thin steel plates for the manufacturing of their products. CNC plasma cutters and laser cutters plus the conventional CNC machines all work quite harmoniously to bring about the final product into the required shape.

3. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Industry:

For the purpose of metal removal, EDM machines are used. These machines are CNC automated. There are a pair of CNC automated EDM machines. The Vertical EDM  machine, that requires an electrode of the same shape and size as the cavity that is to be made, and the Wire EDM machine.

4. Other industries:

You will also find CNC machines in wood industries as well. The process of molding and cutting is all done by CNC automated tools. Other than that, industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, defense oil and gas industries, and even health care sectors all use CNC machines.

Benefits of using CNC machines:

1. Fast and rapid prototyping:

CNC machines are well known for their prototyping efficiency. The digital design through CNC machines comes to reality quite rapidly and efficiently. These machines are the best prototyping tool.

2. Great production:

The CNC machines produce the final product which is high in quality and that too with minimum effort. The parts formed by CNC machines are quite cheaper as compared to other methods of production. The production time is also less than any other method.

3. High-grade tooling:

In addition to being an excellent direct manufacturing process, CNC machining is also indirect manufacturing that helps with processes like injection molding. Assists with the processing of various steels and sturdy aluminum. Machined parts such as metal and alloy molds can be filled with other materials to make products in extensive volume.

4. Hybrid Production:

CNC machining does not have to be used exclusively. Combining it with other processes such as 3D printing or metal casting can result in excellent parts and products.


Whatever industry you go into, you are sure to find some type of CNC machine. The advancement of the manufacturing sector is mainly due to advances in CNC technology.


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