A Look Into the Science of Gardening and Watering Technology


In the video above, the reporter introduces the director of the student organic farm at Oakland University. The reporter shares insights on creating personal organic gardens based on the tips provided by the director. The gardening process begins with aeration using gardening supplies such as the “new fork,” emphasizing the importance of maintaining loose soil for optimal oxygen supply to underground plants and soil microbes. Weed control is demonstrated, focusing on the removal of invasive weeds with rhizomes.

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The director emphasizes the use of organic methods, such as adding minerals, compost, and worm castings, to enhance soil fertility. The inclusion of diverse crops, including flowers for pollination, scallions for pest control, and various onions for diversity, is highlighted.

The reporter also discusses efficient irrigation methods, introducing a drip irrigation line for targeted watering. Different crops are mentioned for creating a natural canopy, serving as a deterrent against weed growth. The importance of seed saving and a unique “OU klured” crop is briefly touched upon. The cultivation of potatoes inside a hoop house is explored, with an emphasis on their ease of growth and superior taste. The reporter concludes by addressing the ongoing challenge of weeding and introduces the stirrup hoe as a valuable tool for efficient weed management in organic farming.



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