Wildfires Will become more recurrent And Extreme: Study Says Global Warming To...

Wildfires Will become more recurrent And Extreme: Study Says Global Warming To Blame


The effects of global warming are there for everyone to see. Already the weather has become freakish and climate patterns have changed by a large degree. In a recent research conducted by scientists from the University of Wyoming came to conclusion that more wildfires will occur due to global warming. The study also revealed there has been an increase in incidence of wildfires in the past 2000 years even during phases where the temperature changes were at their barest minimum.

Scientists from the University of Wyoming’s Department of Geology and Geophysics under the leadership of John Calder, a doctoral student studied the charcoal deposits from 12 different lakes in the state which surround northern Colorado’s Mount Zirkel Wilderness.

The research team found that different parts of the area were gutted by wildfires in the Medieval Warm Period. This period was some thousand years ago when temperatures soared in North America and lasted for more than 100 years.
The pattern of recent temperature rise is much akin to the conditions prevailing during the MWP and has already caused a number of disastrous wildfires in the nation’s history. One such disastrous fire happened in 1988 in the Yellowstone National Park and there has been a sharp incidence in such catastrophic wildfires.

The research outlines how this conclusion was reached. Using the Yellowstone fire history as a baseline for comparative purposes 50 percent of (Mount Zirkel) sites burned within a century at the beginning of the MWP exceeds any century-scale estimate of Yellowstone burning for the past 750 years.

Tracing the history of wildfires in the last 200 years, researchers came to the conclusion that even the smallest change in regional warming will have a catastrophic consequence. Earlier the fires of such magnitude were infrequent of less intensity and covering smaller areas. The research team found that the temperatures have risen by 1.25 degrees in the last century. If the present rise of global temperatures persists, wildfires could be frequent and cover larger areas.

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