Whole Foods Recalls Its Blue Cheese after Listeria scare

Whole Foods Recalls Its Blue Cheese after Listeria scare


Whole Foods will make a voluntary recall of a particular brand of blue cheese after the FDA found traces of Listeria after testing it. Whole Foods quickly ordered a recall of all stocks of Premium Blue Cheese fearing a potential Listeria break. Listeria is a serious disease and could cause meningitis. It has a fatal rate of 20% of all those who are infected by it. The disease is caused by contamination of food by bacteria.

Listeria is caused by exposure to the bacteria listeria monocytogenes. The disease is rapidly fatal in the young, old and the immune compromised patients.

Till Wednesday no reports have been received by the French Company about any illness caused by consuming these products. Earlier the FDA had in routine testing detected traces of listeria in a whole uncut wheel of cheese and as a result the company has decided to voluntarily recall this particular product.
Listeria can strike anyone but children, expectant mothers, the elderly are particularly vulnerable. Listeria has a fatality of 20 percent but the fatality can reach 50% in the elderly and other vulnerable population.

Most dairy products are pasteurized to prevent any contamination with pathogens like Listeria. Pasteurization kills bacteria and also prevents its growth. Pasteurization involves heating milk to high temperatures for different periods of time killing most of the bacteria. However there is still no cent percent guarantee that the dairy product is Listeria free since bacteria could take root in pasteurized milk by external contamination.

Whole Foods has been quick to recall the affected products to protect the health of its consumers and also to preserve its brand image which it has cultivated painstakingly over the years. Whole Foods is known as a high-end, finest quality retailer, and has long harped on how much healthier and safer its organic and premium quality products are.

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