US to take Supercomputing Way Ahead of the Race

US to take Supercomputing Way Ahead of the Race


Being the supercomputer of high standards is important for US, and it seems the government is playing safe to win back the lost power.

The opening ceremony of SC14 Supercomputing Show at New Orleans on 17th November 2014 has taken place, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory’s team of professors together with German technology company Prometeus and the University of Tennessee unveiled the top 500 most powerful computing systems of the world, which China’s Tianhe-2 Supercomputer won, leaving US closely a step back for the fourth consecutive time.

A very small change has been notice at the top 10 rankings in the past 5 years. The growth rate in competition is slowing down gradually. U.S. wants to change this trend and pump up the world’s supercomputing industry. Nvidia, IBM and Mellanox Technologies are being awarded $325 million by the U.S department of Energy, for building new super computers faster than the current ones.

IBM opines that ‘Summit’ and ‘Sierra’ systems would have peak performances higher than 100 petaflops, which is 182% faster than the winner Tianhe-2. Summit and Sierra would be developed at the Oak Ridge National Lab and Lawrence Livermore National Lab, replacing Titan and Sequoia respectively.

Buddy Bland, director, Summit project elaborate that Summit is based on the hybrid multi-core features pioneered for Titan by the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility. Best analysis and computation is possible combining IBM POWER and NVIDIA processors. The supercomputers would not only boost the US’s rankings worldwide, with speed and memory, but would energize the future of science and let them flourish to the best.

Due to Summit and Sierra new ground breaking researches would come up, making combustion science, biofuels, nuclear power, climate change, fusion energy, energy storage and solar energy more understandable for the science and engineering world as mentioned by Jim Hack.

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