Star in 1670 not a supernova: Space Scientists

Star in 1670 not a supernova: Space Scientists


Space scientists drew the conclusion that the star seen in 1670 was a collision of stars and not a nova. They used the Submillimeter Array, APEX telescope and the Effelsberg radio telescope for watching Nova Vulpeculae 1670, which was seen by astronomers of Europe over 340 years ago.

Father of lunar cartography and a 17th century astronomer, Hevelius, had stated in 1670 that there was the appearance of a new star in 1670 named nova sub capite Cygni, which meant new star below the head of a Swan which is also called Nova Vulpeculae 1670.

Tomasz Kaminski from European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy in Bonn, Germany, opined that the object was thought to be nova but with more studies it looked more like any exploding star. Scientists could find details regarding the path of the star only in 1980s after few astronomers witnessed a faint nebula near the spot where star was believed to have appeared. Kaminski added that the area has been probed by submillimeter and radio wavelengths and it has been found that the environment surrounding the remnant have a gas rich in molecules with unusual chemical composition.

Using the various equipments, scientists could find out chemical composition as well as gauge measure ratios of different isotopes of gas within the area giving detailed analysis of the material composition of the area.

The collision of stars had created image of a supernova due to the red transient. Sometimes, stars explode after merging with another star and give out massive materials into space. Karl Menten from the Max Planck Institute, stated that this type of discovery is completely unexpected.

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