Settling for Mr. Okay Is Better Than Waiting for Mr. Perfect, Study...

Settling for Mr. Okay Is Better Than Waiting for Mr. Perfect, Study Says


It is better to settle for Mr. or Ms. Okay than searching too hard for the perfect mate, says a new study. As the Valentine’s Day is approaching, a number of people are trying to find a date. Researchers suggest that instead of holding out for someone who makes you 100 percent happy, it is wiser to go for someone who fits in your needs and goals. Michigan State University professor of molecular genetics and microbiology, Chris Adami said “Primitive humans were likely forced to bet on whether or not they could find a better mate. They could either choose to mate with the first, potentially inferior, companion and risk inferior offspring, or they could wait for Mr. or Ms. Perfect to come around.”

For the study, researchers used a computational model to determine the risk-taking behaviors of thousands of generations. Digital organisms used for the study were programmed to make bets in high-payoff gambles. The study reflected the life-altering decisions made by natural organisms, such as selecting a mate.

He further added “If they choose to wait, they risk never mating.” He also explained that early mating has some evolutionary advantages. “An individual might hold out to find the perfect mate but run the risk of coming up empty and leaving no progeny. Settling early for the sure bet gives you an evolutionary advantage, if living in a small group.” According to study co-author Arend Hintze, a research associate with MSU, “We found that it is really the group size, not the total population size, which matters in the evolution of risk aversion.”

Researchers opine that in the hope of finding someone better, we should not forgo someone who might prove to be mostly compatible. Adami elaborated “We do not all evolve to be the same. Evolution creates a diversity in our acceptance of risk, so you see some people who are more likely to take bigger risks than others. We see the same phenomenon in our simulations.”

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  • Y-So Sirius

    For a second there I thought I was reading a synopsis of the film Idiocracy >_>

  • mambocat

    I notice than a man has written an article suggesting that women settle for a “functioning male unit” and not someone as compatible as possible. Yes, it does say “Mr. OR Ms. Perfect” firther downin the article, but the HEADLINE screams only at women, “Settle for that beer-bellied Bubba and get busy breeding, bitch.” What century are we in?

  • EnoughFish

    Wow, two posts and they’re already living up to the judgmental woman’s standard that average men are ugly.

  • Nicholas DeShane

    A century where the women on okcupid rated 80% of the men on the site below average. But you know what let’s ignore the fact that based solely on the definition of the word average that is an impossibility and assume you’re right and there’s no validity to this argument and it’s just a case of the big ol patriarchy meany twying too contwol women. Cause we all know women are infallible apparently but God forbid we do not find gelatinous cows attractive then we have to put up with ridiculous add campaigns where women tell us how attractive fat girls while telling us how evil and sexist we are for not thinking so