Parts of Washington and Oregon Covered with Mysterious Milky Ash

Parts of Washington and Oregon Covered with Mysterious Milky Ash


Presence of a mysterious milky ash substance in the rainfall has been reported by the emergency officials from Washington and Oregon. The origin of the substance is not clear yet.  The dirty rain has been reported in more than 15 cities as per the reports of the National Weather Service. Water samples have been collected by the weather service’s Spokane office, which will be tested in a lab. Vehicles and windows got coated with the light grey dirt as a rainstorm, which originated in Pacific, moved in.

According to the experts, the source of this substance might be the recent volcanic eruption in Mexico and one in Russia. The weather service opines that while moving towards these regions, the rainstorm probably passed through some dust or volcanic ash. The statement of Walla Walla County’s emergency management staff, posted on its Facebook page, suggests that the ash probably originated from Volcano Shiveluch in Kamchatka Krai, Russia, some 3,000 miles away. In late January, Volcano Shiveluch spewed an ash plume which rose to a height of 22,000 feet.

The county also mentioned that there is still no scientific confirmation about the source of the dirty rain and a number of volcanoes are currently active. A volcanic eruption in southwestern Colima, Mexico has been suggested as another potential source by CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam.

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