NASA’s images show a gigantic coronal hole 50 times the size of...

NASA’s images show a gigantic coronal hole 50 times the size of Earth


A gigantic hole, fifty times the size of Earth has opened up on the surface of Earth. Solar wind is blasting towards the Earth from this Coronal hole. Scientists are closely monitoring the developments.
The Sun’s Corona is a darker and much cooler part of the sun since it is composed of lower density plasma and hence the energy and gas levels are low. The corona remains in a dynamic state and keeps changing its shape and is not uniform.

The mammoth hole was seen in the pictures taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory on Friday. The Coronal holes usually form near the Polar region of the sun and is formed when the sun is in its less active stage during a 11 years cycle.

It is also known as the dark spot and is almost 50 times the size of earth. It is releasing ultrafast solar wind towards the Earth which is thankfully harmless to humans. However it has a potential to damage satellite communication and high altitude radio signals. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) authorities have been quoted as saying that the coronal hole will move westwards on tghe sun’s surface and the solar winds will continue to blow strongly.

The Sun has a predictive 11 year cycle. The outer layer of the Sun is known as Corona and these holes are formed on the Corona. The coronal holes are formed on the sun as a result of turmoil and inconsistency in the Sun’s magnetic field. The Corona of the sun is much cooler and less dense than the deeper parts. Since the density is low, the magnetic field is also weak and allows the plasma and charged particles to eject at high speed and form the solar winds. The solar winds create the auroras which can be seen in the arctic regions.

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