Mission Inspiration by Claudia Alexender on the ROSETTA Project

Mission Inspiration by Claudia Alexender on the ROSETTA Project


According to CBSLA.com after working in a daring space mission a Southern California scientist is back to share her experience so that it inspires others. The Rosetta Project, where a washing machine sized spacecraft has landed on a comet speeding at 84,000 mph in the space. Claudia Alexander is a scientist and while she was working with her European counterparts Philae, Rosetta’s lander touched the 2.5 mile comet.

On conversation with Peter Daut of CBS2, at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, she revealed her 15 years wait was over and the work may inspire others. There are always the chance of accidents and failures, but it safely completed the first leap and the second one without any damage.

Philae has landed in an area devoid of sunlight for the time being, so now lays dormant. Once it comes to the sunlight zone, which takes few months, it would become active after absorbing the energy. She said, it is just like an mobile phone whose battery has run out and you lost the charger, so have to wait until you get the charger and keep things up and running.

Being an African-American and women scientist, in the male dominated field, it is tough to give the best. There were occasions when people took her lightly and she was even mistaken for a secretary. While she dreams about how Rosetta would perform, the 55 year old aspires to inspire people from all walks of life.

According to her they want to gather the beginning of solar system and an evidence to support their claims. She is planning to spend one more year with Rosetta and currently penning down children’s books to motivate them towards science. Alexander is a brave soul and she shone through the tough phase and sailed successfully in her mission.

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