Men Prefer Women With Curvier Hips, Says Study

Men Prefer Women With Curvier Hips, Says Study


According to a new study, men prefer women with curvier hips. The study adds that it is not the size of the butt that attracts men but the curve of the spine.

The new study, which was conducted by the researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, found that men are programmed to be attracted to women with an “optimal” lumbar curvature of 45.5 degrees from back to buttocks. The researchers added that since ancient times, men have preferred women with curvier butts because they would have been better at foraging during pregnancy.

David Lewis, psychologist at the University of Texas, and the lead author of the study, said, “This spinal structure would have enabled pregnant women to balance their weight over the hips. These women would have been more effective at foraging during pregnancy and less likely to suffer spinal injuries. In turn, men who preferred these women would have had mates who were better able to provide for fetus and offspring, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without injury.”

For their study, the researcher asked 200 men to rate the attractiveness of several manipulated images showing spinal curves across the natural spectrum. They were most attracted to the images where women had the optimum curvature of 45.5 degrees.

The researchers then asked if the men preferred this angle because it reflects larger buttocks, or if it was related to the actual angle of the spine.

They found that, of the 200 men presented with images of women with different buttock size, almost all of them consistently preferred women whose spinal curvature was closer to the optimal 45.5 degrees. Men consistently preferred women who possessed the optimal spinal curvature, regardless of how big their buns were.

Eric Russell, visiting researcher at the University of Texas, and one of the members of the study, added, “This enabled us to conclusively show that men prefer women who exhibit specific angles of spinal curvature over buttock mass.”

The findings were published in the Evolution and Human Behavior journal.

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  • peekoro

    That woman in the photo=beautiful back. Please don’t let the PC curves=fat highjack this study. This is curves in the true sense.

  • jeannine520

    The title should state it correctly – Men Prefer Women with Curvier Spines – this study has nothing to do with the curve of hips.

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    Sir Mixalot was right, “baby got back!”

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    “see, Bob, this just goes to prove that Playboy was a scientific journal way ahead of its time. Who would have known?”

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    In other studies, 100% of women surveyed said they find men that help around the house I.e, washing dishes, taking out the trash to be completely irrisistable, attractive and sexy.