Low Calorie Diet The Key To a Healthy Life

Low Calorie Diet The Key To a Healthy Life


People wonder, does a low calorie diet resolve various complicated health issues? Recent studies regarding low calorie diets have shown remarkable results in reducing blood pressure and stroke, heart disease and various weight related issues as well. In addition to this finding, the study report from New York University Langone Medical Center, Manhattan also explained the benefits of low calorie diet. They are responsible to delay ageing and memory loss due to ageing in the long run.

This study was brought forward in Washington, DC at the Society for Neuroscience’s annual meeting. As per the study reports go, low carbohydrate diets are the major low calorie food that decelerates the ageing process, by managing the behaviour of numerous genes. Low calorie diets check the age related genes responsible for the ageing and memory loss, thus making the body mentally and physically fit.

To analyze the effects of low calorie diet on genes related ageing, the team experimented with female mice. The
mice were fed with 30 percent lower calorie pellets compared to the other mice. The impact was studied on 900 different genes related to memory formation in brain and ageing process.

The results were stunning, as calorie restricted food has really affected the genetic patterns in the mice and the effect was visible. As per the information collected from a senior study investigator, Stephen Ginsberg, a neuroscientist of New York University’s Langone Medical centre, Manhattan, the studies revealed that the gene expression were restricted, as they were arrested by the low calorie diet and thus changed the ones related to the ageing process. They express how few genes are responsible to alter the behaviour of mice, people and other mammals during the course of ageing.

Calorie restriction doesn’t stop the aging process completely, but delays the effects for a longer duration.

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  • tiffany

    Switching over to a vegan diet is the ultimate cure to obesity. I do not calorie restrict, and eat until i am full. Restrictive diets are part of a recipe for an eating disorder….Many studies have proved a vegan lifestyle is the most suitable one for humans, and prevents several cancers,osteoporosis, and heart disease. It lowers cholesterol significantly, and is a sure way to relieve depression. I learned more and educated myself on the benefits not only for myself but also to the environment,animals, and economy through The Starch Solution by Dr.McDougall and the movie Earthlings. Please look into it. It will change your life.