Iceland Rising Due To Glacier Melt

Iceland Rising Due To Glacier Melt


Researchers from the University of Arizona have reported that the ground beneath the glaciers of Iceland is rising upwards as the glaciers are diminishing owing to global warming. The report has been detailed in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. We already know that the melting of ice caps leads to rebounding of the Earth beneath them. However, it is still a mystery for the scientists that whether this surprising rate of rebounding is occurring due to thousand years of melting of glaciers or due to the recent ice loss.

For the study, the researchers attached 62 GPS satellite receivers with rocks throughout the country to see if they are changing position. The sensors are capable of detecting movements as small as one millimeter per year. However, the receivers have detected much more shifting in the past two decades, including 1.4 inches a year in some parts of the country. The researchers opine that the global warming, which started about 30 years ago, is leading to glacial melt and this is possibly the cause of this fast rise.

Study author Kathleen Compton, from the University of Arizona, stated “Our research makes the connection between recent accelerated uplift and the accelerated melting of the Icelandic ice caps.” The researchers are of the view that the dramatic rate at which the ground is rebounding implies that the rate of ice loss is also increasing. Records show that the melting of ice and the uplift began around 1980 which also marked the beginning of rising temperatures. Co-author Richard Bennett, a UA associate professor of geosciences commented “Iceland is the first place we can say accelerated uplift means accelerated ice mass loss. What we’re observing is a climatically induced change in the Earth’s surface.” Some of the scientists also opine that this phenomenon may lead to an increased frequency of volcanic eruptions.

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  • Kurtis Engle

    Startling data.

    I would suggest, given that it’s Iceland, that this data should motivate a real close look at what the volcanoes are up to. They may be the cause. Then again they may react. Either could be bad.

  • John Harbour

    I think the scientist should look into other sources of the rising. I’m not doubting that it is rising, but suggesting that it is not due to global warming. We know that H2O expands as it freezes, so the melting of ice should cause a decrease in size. An example of this is if you put ice water in a closed container, you can look to see that as the ice melts, the area it consumes does not change.
    -source: basic chemistry

  • justmeanu

    More room for Polar Bears.
    Agenda 21: The aim; Global governance, the key; Climate Change. Nothing makes sense until you put the two things together.
    Why would Governments persist in pushing the Global Warming/ Climate Change myth with such ferocity? Who benefits? If you are a body of people wanting total
    Global control; you need a Global threat big enough to frighten people to unite
    and follow a common agenda. You will need to have a Global currency, to control
    the nations economically. You will need a way to negate democracy, people will
    not vote for their own demise. If you have a good enough reason to protect the
    masses, all can be accomplished by regulation. Obama uses the EPA, Europe uses the UN. The Euro, Climate Change, and the new catch phrase Sustainability. Agenda 21 is an ideology that wants to reduce the population by billions, to who’s benefit? 1%
    of the population owns 50% of the Worlds wealth. Five billion people are superfluous to requirements. The tangled web woven by the elite is only obvious if you are capable of standing back and looking at the big picture. It all makes perfect sense. We are being disposed of discretely by raising the price of food and energy. It’s not accidental;
    it’s a deliberate ploy to reduce the population.
    As for sustainability , we have farmers ploughing in crops because there is no market for their product. Some sustainability problem eh’.

  • alex7070

    Besides saying good bye to our mapping method of using sea level as a datum, the redistribution of mass as ocean’s rise will slow the planet’s rotation, the added weight on the ocean floors will lubricate seismic joints leading to greater seismic shifting, and this will result in more volcanic activity especially around seismic joints in and near the enlarging oceans. The incredible balance that we have taken for granted will be lost completely unless we really reverse what we are doing wrong to our environment immediately.