Experts Warn That 2015 Spring Allergies May Be Severe

Experts Warn That 2015 Spring Allergies May Be Severe


Spring has arrived in the US and along with it brought a slew of seasonal allergies. Medical experts are stating that 2015 allergy season will be more severe than the past years.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10 to 30 percent of adults are affected by allergies in the US.

Dr. John Basso, chief of allergy and immunology at Nyack Hospital in New York, said, “The prolonged moisture in some regions this winter may have laid the groundwork for a bad season. A warm, dry spring following a wet winter is a recipe for high pollen counts. But if we were to have a wet spring, pollen might not be such a problem.”

Experts stated that people who are allergic should prepare themselves well for itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. Experts hint that even though the allergy season could be worse than previous years, the season is expected to be a little shorter than normal.

Experts also added that the trees which usually cause spring allergy symptoms (oak, maple, birch) will pollinate later than usual. This means that the season will probably be a few days or a week shorter than normal. They also pointed to the fact that the pollen counts will be as high as other season or possibly higher than usual. Thus the days of symptoms could be more severe.

Therefore, medical experts are urging people who suffer from spring allergies to be extra cautious in order to keep healthy. They also added that using anti-allergies one week before the trees begin pollinating will be helpful. They also suggested that the use of an oral antihistamine or over-the-counter intranasal steroids can help to protect individuals against allergies.

Some experts are suggesting people, who suffer from spring allergy, to avoid opening windows at home and in cars; to use air conditioning instead to escape pollen allergy; and to avoid going outdoors for long periods of time.

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