Exhibition Of Half Male Half Female Butterfly At Drexler University

Exhibition Of Half Male Half Female Butterfly At Drexler University


A rare butterfly named ‘Lexias Pardalis’ will be put on exhibition by Drexel University at its Academy of Natural Sciences. The butterfly is half male and half female and people can catch a glimpse of this rare species from January 17 to February 16. Experts say that the butterfly is an inhabitant of the rainforests of Southeast Asia.

The unique characteristic of the species is due to an anomaly called ‘bilateral gynandromorphy’ and the condition is usually observed in bird and butterfly species as per Jason Weintraub, Entomology Collection Manager and Lepidopterist. Weintraub also added “It can result from non-disjunction of sex chromosomes, an error that sometimes occurs during the division of chromosomes at a very early stage of development.”

In the month of October, Chris Johnson, a volunteer for the university’s Academy of Natural Sciences, while attending an exhibition known as the ‘Butterflies!’ noticed a butterfly coming out of its cocoon possessing both male and female features. The wings of the butterfly had different colorations. The right two wings were brown with yellow and white spots whereas the left wings had darker shade with blue and purple markings. Experts say that gender can be differentiated by observing both sides of its body.

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    Could that be Drexel University in Philadelphia?

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    Drexler?? Perhaps you mean Drexel University in Philadelphia (which has only been in existence 124 years), where their affiliated Academy of Natural Sciences is putting the butterfly on exhibit beginning Jan 17. Drexler U, if it exhists, has something to do with clothing fashions.

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    Come for the science; stay for the high-quality editing!!!

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    Clearly Clyde Drexler has a huge interest in education and has formed his own university!

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    So they killed it and put it on display. What a egotistical species humans are. Bah.

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    One, it never said they killed it. Two, butterflies are not exactly known for their lengthy lifespans. Some only live for a few weeks or months. This one could have very well died on its own between October and January.

  • Peter Houlihan

    Lexias pardalis is one of the most common butterfly species in Southeast Asia. It’s the fact that this one is a gynandromorph that this individual, not this species, is rare. Also, the image in this article is not the species described – it’s a gynandromorph of Hypolimnas bolina, not Lexias pardalis.

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    I wonder if Drexler is anywhere near Drexel University?

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