Alzheimer’s Patients not told of their Condition, percentage close to 50%

Alzheimer’s Patients not told of their Condition, percentage close to 50%


A new study has found shocking results of more than half of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease being not told that they had developed the condition. This study was conducted by Alzheimer’s Association. Vice President at the organisation, Beth Kallmyer, opines that a lot of people are not given a chance of taking decisions about their life as they aren’t aware of what are they dealing with.

The condition slowly and steadily destroys other mental functions and impairs the memory. Besides this, it is now the sixth major cause of death in the U.S. Over 5.3 million Americans have the condition but sadly there is no cure for it.

Physical guidelines and Alzheimer’s advocacy groups state that patient should be informed clearly but in a little delicate manner in order to ensure that their caregivers can commence planning for some action to be taken. The study performed a cross-reference between responses from Medicare annual surveys and thousands of Medicare beneficiaries.

Only 45 percent patients suffering from the disease knew about its diagnosis. On the other hand, over 90 percent patients with cardiovascular disease or breast or prostate cancer and about 72 percent having Parkinson’s disease stated that the details of illness had been informed by their doctors.

Sometimes, the caregivers are also kept in the dark. While 53 them knew about the diagnosis, only 33 percent of patients were aware of their condition. Some experts suggest that most patients know that a proper diagnosis may provide relief. P. Murali Doraiswamy, head of the Neurocognitive Disorders Program at Duke University Medical Center, opined that there is proper medication available which can help slow the progress letting patients enjoy their lives.

Early recognition can give patient with more chances of leading active lives.